Maribel Arellano


Lyft: Additional user types

Lyft: Additional user types


Using Lyft everyday to go to work with my dog is challenigng. My Lyft drivers have either been upset, annoyed and/or cancel rides on the spot even after I call in advance to confirm.

And calling advance can take up to three Lyft ride requests/calls to get a driver to pick me up. Questions I keep getting asked by Lyft drivers are, does your dog have long hair? Or how big is your dog?


To solve for this time suck and daily frustration, would be to upgrade the process for Lyft drivers once they sign up to become a driver. During the applicatin process there is a section that they accept the following (pets wether small/med/large), bikes and can take a customer to multiple locations. 

On the customer front end experience, I've provided a wireframe above where the user has tapped the pet, bike and grocery icons in advance to selecting their Lyft Request.


User taps to "Set pickup"

User selects/enters a pickup location

User is then presented with this screen where they have three options:

Tap pet icon (if customer is carrying a pet)

Tap bike icon (if customer is carrying bike/large object)

Tap grocery bag icon (if customer plans would need help w/shopping to multiple locations)


Lyft drivers who accepted the pet, bike rike or grocery icon during the application process will be filtered and selected by the selection from the user.

Hence no surprised results, no delay.

WIN, WIN on both sides.